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Elsewhere is OK, but just that. October 21, 2010

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So even though it isn’t the greatest book ever, Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin is a fairly good read. It is not as creepy and macabre as Gigi made it seem, no offense Gigi, but it doesn’t really seem like you gave the book a chance. OK so yes the conditions are kinda… odd. Heading to some weird place full of dead people who are reverse aging, but that is in no way the central point of the book and is NOT as morbid as it seems. Sorry but I just don’t get why people see something about death and automatically assume it is creepy or morbid, yes death is a somewhat morbid concept but it is a fact of life and this book is more about the healing process. The main character Liz is really upset about her death, understandable. I mean you just DIED, so she is thinking about how she won’t be able to do so many things just because of one little, avoidable accident and this book is about the process of healing she goes through as she watches her family on Earth try to cope. Although I don’t believe in this afterlife, I’m a definitely Christian who believes in Heaven, I didn’t feel offended by this “suggestion” that there is something other than Heaven, and if you do get offended by that kind of thing  (and I mean no offence by this) come on, it’s just a book. Overall I liked it, may reread it, but not in my top 100. So if you’re looking for an interesting read or are stuck to find a good book pick this one up, and please pay no attention to the ominous warning Gigi left you with. It seems how she perceived what seems to be just the first few chapters is way off base. (in my opinion) Also just a safety note here, please watch for bikes when driving a car and vise-versa, plus always wear your helmet, this book reminded me how many deaths could be avoided by these simple things. Keep safe and keep reading.



Harry Potter. Is there anything else to say?

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Ok, so before I begin my review I feel the need to give a little bit of my history with Harry. Way back in kindergarten my mom used to read me the books, then once I could read I was finishing the series for myself. I have grown up with Harry. He and Ron and Hermione have always been there when I was bored or scared or upset. The book has always (and will always) be a source of comfort for me due to the familiarity and good memories I associate with this great story. So incase you didn’t figure it out yet I’m a pretty big fan, but it’s not just because of that, but because of the amazing characters you can so easily relate to, feel bad for, hate, or really just wish you could be. And one little thing I would like to add before I review is that it is completely ridiculous to compare with Twilight, J.K. Rowling created a whole new world of complex characters and really made connections between everything in her books, wether it be just with other plot points or actual history (spells are Latin or Greek I believe and all of the characters names, and components of their wands plus many other things, represent them somehow) While J.K. was being original, how about Twilight? (check out Gigi’s post for Interview) Need I give more evidence of Harry’s clear superiority over Twilight. Harry Potter is a series that will stand the test of time, plots that will entertain you more than just the 1st time you read it. Whereas Twilight is comparable to HSM, you read it one time “OMG that was awesome” the second time “Not as good as I remembered” third and more “eh.” So with that said here is my review: Harry Potter. Read it. Is there anything else to really say?



Interview was Awesome!!!!

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Ok, so this book was soooooooo good. For full details on the plot check out Gigi’s post, or you know, read the book. I really thought this book was great. It is at a higher level (so if you think Twilight was “deep” or “complicated” and ” took a lot to understand” please just ignore the rest of this and head to the kiddy section of your nearest library) but the occasionally concentration it took to fully comprehend and enjoy the book is completely worth it. Instead of your average vampire book where some hot guy falls in love with this exceedingly normal girl who we all love to think of ourselves as, it really attempts to give us a glimpse into the mind of a vampire. Think about it, you have been alive from hundreds of years. You know you’ve done horrible things, you’ve stolen, lied, murdered, and you have to deal with that weighing on you everyday. Because you feel the guilt of this you are totally different from the rest of your kind. (sound familiar, all you Twilighters who scoffed at my earlier warning, because it’s not the shallowness of Edward “Oh, poor me, my soul is gone forever! Now all I can do is wallow in self-pity then go makeout with some human girl, AND on top of that I’m rich beyond belief, poor me )=”) Louis, our main character, has loved (and hated) with such intensity that we cannot even begin to comprehend it, yeah twilighers this is again not like your man Eddy, we actually get to see into the mind of this vamp, so it’s a little more complex than “Omg he loves her so much! He’s soooo deep!” Have you ever tried to comprehend this truly or did that series ever try to make you fully understand. Didn’t think so. Overall I think this book is a great break from all the Twilight crap, so for all of you who want to read a REAL vampire book this is it, if not just keep reading Twilight as your brain slowly rots away.



An explaination for Halle’s apparent falling off of the face of the Earth October 20, 2010

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Hey everyone, so it kinda appears like I died or was kidnapped by aliens due to the lack of posting but I have a legit reason. I can’t give full details (darn those pesky government blackouts) but I can say that just as I began typing my reviews some agents- uh I mean people from a certain three-letter agency showed up in need of my assistance. So I have spent all my time since being “asked” for help training in simula-I mean,uh, studying zombie “video games” and, ummmmmm, using shows like Star Trek and Star Wars to help me learn to communicate with certain, “visitors”… Like I said government blackouts so not much info I can give you. And that whole time I was not able to access anything I could use to communicate, but we must do what we can when the world is in peril. Oh and for those of you who may know me and are all “Wait, you’ve been in school since the first day!” lets just say robots are very advanced now. So sorry I haven’t posted sooner but as soon as this goes on the site I will finish typing the posts.



Look Elsewhere for a good read. July 23, 2010

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Hey, Halle bailed on a book. I reserve my right.

Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin is about a fifteen-year-old girl named Liz who gets hit by a car. Next thing she knows, she’s on a boat headed for Elsewhere, the Earth wannabe where people reverse-age, and then get sent back to Earth as babies to grow up again.

It was interesting enough, I guess. But it’s just such a morbid concept, I didn’t want to spend any more time thinking about it! Or thinking about what happens when people die. I was plain uncomfortable.

I’m not familiar with a lot of religions and what they believe the afterlife is like. I believe in Heaven, and this kind of anti-heaven sitch made me kind of uncomfortable also. Honestly, it kind of treads on what is a touchy subject with many people and I’m kind of surprised it’s gotten the accolades it has.

So I don’t know, I was just uncomfortable and I didn’t want to read it anymore. So I stopped. If you want to try it, be my guest, but you’re warned…


Gigi does the inevitable

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I read Harry Potter.

I know, I know, I said I never would. I didn’t want to feed into the machine, ya know?

But one day I realized that being different for the sake of being different is wrong and kind of obnoxious. And I kind of did want to read Harry Potter, because I’d heard it was apparently pretty good and why should it matter if everyone else likes it too? So I did.

And you know what? It was really good.

I tried to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone from the perspective of it just having come out with no sequels yet, judging it purely on what was in the book, never having heard of Harry Potter or knowing what happens next (I’ve seen a few of the movies). It wasn’t the most complex book I’ve ever read. There were characters I found irritating and rather flat  (the Dursleys, Hermione at the beginning). I really have never met a fantasy book I like, so some of the dragon, goblin, and other mythical creature references left me slightly annoyed.

But having said that, I actually liked this book. JK has a certain style that pulls readers into the plot. It’s the book world’s “x factor” that very few writers have, that natural charisma on paper that can make an avid reader out of anyone. (PS, that’s why we all liked Twilight when we first read it.) She, Stephenie, and others use simple language masterfully in a way that conjures vivid images in the mind’s eye. I was sucked into the plot and thoroughly enjoyed the developments.

Now off to read the other six!


Wow, where has Halle been? July 4, 2010

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Super sorry everyone! Things have been kinda crazy lately, like I have had no time to read. Thank God I can finally start reading again now that craziness with my schedule is over. I promise Interview will be reviewed very soon, just had a few issues with trips and needing to return books. Promise this won’t be a regular thing!